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Affirmed Construction is a Family Owned Business serving Northern and Central New Jersey. We are committed to providing the highest quality and most honest service for all of our customers. Our professional services are affordably priced and performed with the utmost care and consideration for our clients and their homes. We are fully insured, licensed, and provide free estimates. Call us today.

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Based on 20 reviews
John Hermann
John Hermann
I contacted Affirmed regarding a chimney repair and set up an appointment for an estimate for a couple days later. Henry came to my house and looked at the two chimneys that needed to be repaired. My furnace chimney needed a new liner, cap and repairs to the chimney itself. My fireplace chimney had cracks and chipped bricks. It needed to be taken down to the roofline and rebuilt. I contracted with Affirmed a few days later at a very fair price and set the date. They showed up on time and got to work immediately. They did excellent work and were done with the work and clean up in two days. Very polite, respectful and hard workers. If you decide to use them, you won't be disappointed.
Akin Tobee
Akin Tobee
Had to get chimney caps put on and after multiple rescheduling from another company I found Affirmed. Sent photos of chimney, they showed up and got the job done. I would recommend Affirmed to anyone and I’m planning other jobs with them in the future.
Yoram Friedman
Yoram Friedman
The guys at Affirmed Construction are professional, reliable, and responsive. Most importantly, the work is high quality. My wife and are pleased with their.
RuthAnn Flint
RuthAnn Flint
Chimneys cleaned. Great job and will use again.
Connie Alberts
Connie Alberts
I would definitely use Affirmed Construction again. From the first contact I made, they were very responsive, professional and courteous. They gave a fair price and did the work when they said it would be done - very reliable. I highly recommend them.
They were very professional and gave quality work.
Rae Yerkes
Rae Yerkes
They did a great job on the chimney liner installation as well as the other items we requested. We are very satisfied with the entire experience!
bob v
bob v
Henri and his crew were both very professional and punctual. The chimney they installed looks great and I would not hesitate to recomend them to anyone.
Edward Jackson
Edward Jackson
Very reasonable responsible they keep their word and have integrity and did a very good job they repaired the gutter and the corner of my roof I really appreciate the work they did very good work
Erik Lundberg
Erik Lundberg
I had an agreement with another Mason to rebuild my chimney that ended up not working out. I contacted Affirmed Construction and Henry contacted me right away. He and his team were punctual, professional and fair. The agreement was straight forward and did not have any hidden fees. The chimney(s) look great and I expect years of enjoyment from it.

7 Signs It Might Be Time for a Roofing Inspection

Older roofs and roof damage that comes after rain or a wind storm sometimes go unnoticed. For this reason, it is important to examine your home for the telltale signs of damage. Aging, as well as wind and rain often leave subtle clues, many of which are important to notice as they may be evidence of more severe underlying problems.

Contact us for a free inspection if you notice any of these signs.

1. Visible Asphalt Shingle Damage

It is usually very easy to spot damage to a shingle roof. Storm damage would show loose shingles, missing shingles. If you have an older roof, look for shingles that are curled, cracked, worn out, or stained. Visible cracks on the surface mean the shingle is past its useful life and weak and this type of shingle is prone to leaks.

2. Gutter Issues

Damaged gutters can quickly lead to bigger problems as they serve the vital purpose of moving water away from your home, and in particula, the foundation of your home. If your gutter has been damaged, get it repaired or replaced right away. Without a functional gutter, rainwater will flow along the foundation.

Another thing to look for are granules from shingles trapped in your gutters. This points to erosion of your remaining shingles.

3. Dents or Bulging Roof Features

A quick visual inspection of your roof sometimes is enough to discover damage. Edge lines that aren’t straight and other areas that are indented or bulging of point to problems. Look close at the flashing of chimneys, vents, and skylights, particularly to the shingles around them. Flashing seals roof joints. Also look for protruding nails, often an indicator of moisture, forcing the nail, from pressure, out of the roof and through the shingle.

4. Evidence of Moisture in the Attic

Many roofs that look intact often have problems underneath, and the best place to see underneath is to do a visual inspection from inside your attic. You can often see water stains on the underside of roofing materials, and leaks in the upper part of your roof, will travers downwards and leave marks. Small amounts of rain will often result in a drip that falls onto your attic floor, but not enough to seep all the way through. Something that will only increase over time or with greater amounts of rain. Damage that exposes the attic to outside air will raise the level of moisture. You can catch signs of water here even before a leak starts to penetrate into your ceiling. Check for airflow from outside or a damp, clammy feeling.

5. Rafters That Are Warped or Wet

The condition of your wood rafters is easy to inspect but play an ever important role in maintaining the safety of your home as they are what hold the heavy roof up. Inspect your rafters for water stains, moisture, termites, other infestations, and make sure they are not warped or wet. They should appear to be straight and have no water damage on any surface.

6. Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls

If you witness staining, rest assured it is the result of a prolonged issue with your roof, meaning, by the time you see one, it is a serious threat to your structure. After any storm, take time to closely examine the ceilings and top corners of the walls in rooms in the upper stories of your home. Tiny spots may be easy to overlook. And if you have plaster walls, be sure to look for peeling paints or the feeling of dampness in the walls.

7. Peeling Paint Near Roofline

Peeling paint near the roofline and soffet is usually a sign of moisture buildup. Even humidity from poor ventilation of the roof ridge, soffet, and attic will begin to create problems in the integrity of your home. The problems this creates can be worsened by a storm. Blistering paint is also another visual sign that your roof may be damaged.

To find out more or schedule a roof inspection, contact us today.

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